by Resinater

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Resinater is

Tedd - Percussion and Vocals
Sam - Bass
Darwin - Bass and Vocals
Curtis - Drums

All sounds on this album were made by bass and drums
All vocals were done by members of Resinater—with a dash of Brandon Carnes


released January 18, 2015

Engineered and Mixed by Brandon Carnes at Southtown Studios in Springfield, IL

Mastered by Michael Briggs at Civil Recording

Artwork by Thomas Frye



all rights reserved


Resinater Champaign, Illinois

a bunch of boys who will scrape your bowls.

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Track Name: Sally Forth
I never said I wanted a choice
You forced the pistol into my hand
Treachery on who's call
Sally forth and ride

A land founded by blood
Only Killers Cross the sea
No man will dirty my knee
No Masters. No Kings


No bond shall be undone
No man should ever run
Hold fast and wait till death
Carry with every breathe

I'm not going down, you're going back.
Track Name: The Gamut
Come on baby
Leave me alone
I've been around the world now 'm just coming home
With a Devil's eye
you cast a gaze
you had to know this was just a passing phase

Son of a bitch
That's What I am
I've been called worse by better but I'm still only one man
Now it's ok
We'll still be friends
But I hope and pray someday that day will come to an end
Track Name: Payday
I said to myself
What do I suppose
Another day another dollar
I'd candy up my nose
I went to the man
To get my supply
He pulled out a blade
Said it's time to die

I Never Been So High
I Never Been So High
I Never Been So High
I'll Never Die

Looked Death in the eye
not so much of a fright
everyone has to go
but tonight's not my night
with a right to the jaw
and a kick to the gut
I made off with the stash
And no body got cut

I Never Been So High
I Never Been So High
I Never Been So High
I'll Never Die
Track Name: Stoned
I wish I could scrape my lungs
And reclaim that which I have lost
Black gold. Sweeter than Texas tea
It returns unto me

Old lives become young again
Made strong aided by empty hands
Vanity will not be their demise
even the lowest will always rise
Track Name: I Betcha Think This Song Is About You
When we rode
no one stood
in the way
of the dream
that we had
Countless miles
and black lies
oh we tried
yes we tried
we decide
just to die

was a front
lives we're changed
by your vote
trust was lost
bridges burnt
nothing left
but the pain
still we try
to remain
just a game
just a game

Now you're gone
dead to me
dead to us
we moved on
you stayed back
towards a flame
only smoke
still remains
were you pleased
were you gone
you were not
you were not

We came from nothing
unmatched lives
nothing returned
only lies

I'm not like you
I'm not like you
I'm not liked
Track Name: Earth Witch
I went to a mountain
I went inside
There was a witch
She was trying to hide
I asked for a potion
to cast a spell
She asked for my soul
Well it's already in hell

You ask for a favor
I gave you a price
you don't like the answer
Well ain't that nice
With a gun in my hand
And a blade in my back
Don't you worry honey
I'm on the attack

No Mercy